15 Days of Poems

In honor of National Poetry Month, I recently embarked on a little passion project, 15 Days of Poems. A challenge to dig into the dusty corners of my heart and pump out some honesty. I hope you enjoy these  + that they resonate with some part of you. 

with all the courageous bits of me,



You'll find bits of your soul, 

like glitter left behind after 

all the lights have turned off at the party. 

Don't concern yourself with sweeping them all up.

They'll serve the world better

when left scattered. 


When your aorta aches from all the pieces of itself it's left behind

remind your body

that our hearts

are magic

they expand every time

we choose to give them away


When I am running I am thinking about how easily I trip

My shins know bruised like my hands recognize paper

When I am driving I am thinking about the car accidents I have witnessed

Like rain drops hitting the glass

I lose track of both quickly

When I am breathing I wonder how strong my lungs are

I gamble on the day they will no longer be big enough to hold up my chest.

I am forever waiting for my body to fumble

My body is forever waiting for me to live. 



Some days you will dance in your empty living room

Open all the windows and thank the sun for not being too tired to stay for dinner

Other days you will dead bolt your doors

Sink into walls

You will fill your empty bed with the few honest bids of yourself you can muster

You will hopscotch between these days 

Until you cannot tell the difference. 



Do not think about the boys who turned your heart into skipping music boxes

Do not think about the men others say you keep missing

Take up the practice of talking to yourself

Learn to let your own voice boom

Learn to love the sound. 



Cook all the curry you want

Steal the sheets

Drop the dishes

Cry in the shower

Cry on the floor

Refuse to sleep

Until the magic goes to bed

You have no one to apologize to. 


At first, you will be scared to ask the questions with teeth

You will want to stay all smiles

You will want to always answer "fine"

You will wish away the dangerous

You will ask broken to take a leave of absense

You will ask jubilee to wake up every morning

Eventually you will become strong enough to not ghost

You will become courageous enough to teach others

All the beauty in staying. 


I have tripped over myself enough times on my way to love

To know that I do not have ballerina toes

I have always been the fumbling

The bleeding knees

The concussion

I buy bandaids like candy

And trust that love doesn't care how I get there

As long as I'm on my way. 


You cannot domino your way into becoming

It is a slow and often painful thing, 

this making your way back to yourself.

It will require patience

A willingness to live in all of your skin

A willingness to love yourself back to whole. 


There is no monopoly on bravery

You can be the risk taker

The dream maker

You can be the one who leaps

It is not reserved for a few

It is yours 

Reach out and take it. 


We don't have control over the rhythms our hearts choose to beat in

We don't have a say in the way our bodies magnet to one another

We were built to weave

Like tapestries of wonder and adoration

We were built for together

For forever.


You do not owe another human any part of you

The kind of love that grows out of obligation

will only drown you.

The most courageous people are those who

have learned when

to walk away.


When all your words have been dried up

and you're hanging on breaths

Inhale slowly

as if the goodness on your lips

possesses no expiration date

Exhale knowing

there is enough to go around.


She is not a figment of your imagination

She is not idea or metaphor or story

She is not the trinket to be collected

or the puzzle to solve

You cannot solve her

and you cannot sample her

She is the kind of strong

that will never let you take what you like

and leave the rest.


You will spend your day letting the wonder win

You will drench yourself in silver linings

You will root yourself in truth

like your ability to paint someone’s tomorrow

every shade of lavender

and the glory that will always be worth waking up to

You will muster all the courageous bits of yourself

and show up

You will trust that alone

is transforming worlds.